Teltonika TCR100 4G Router

The Industrial 4G Router For The Home And Office

If you are a consumer or business that has been looking for a 4G router you may have become frustrated by the lack of consumer products available. Especially when a google search for 4G Router brings up many Industrial 4G Routers that just don’t seem appropriate for the home or office environment. You may have even been tempted to buy an Industrial LTE router only to be disappointed with the 4G speed, the WiFi Speed and also the ugly look of the product.

Now Teltonika may have just answered your needs with the launch of the TCR100 4G Router which has all the features of their M2M 4G Routers, but has an improved 4G modem, high speed WiFi and Gigabit Ethernet ports.

The Teltonika TCR100 router also looks more friendly to sit on a desk or shelf in the home or office environment and it’s simple LED interface lets you know WiFi is ON, the signal strength for the 4G connection and also confirm the router is connected to the Internet.

The Teltonika TCR100 4G Router is unlocked and works with any UK mobile network SIM card and you can usually just insert your SIM card into the sim tray on the rear of the router, connect the antennas and the power cable and be connected automatically to the Internet in a few minutes without making any configuration changes.

The WiFi password is on the base of the router so you can connect your wireless devices straight away, again without any router configuration. The TCR100 WiFi is dual band and as default has both the 2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz WiFi SSID’s available so you can choose which WiFi band to connect to.

If you need to configure some of the features, maybe configure the WiFi SSID and Password then just connect your PC or laptop and visit the router web admin page on your browser at – the default user name is admin and the web admin password is on the base of the router. Once you log in the router will force you to change the web admin. You can either use the built-in configuration wizards or manually configure each of the settings. Below is a video guide showing some of the basic router changes. The video also includes things like port forwarding but these will only apply if you are using a Fixed IP SIM card.

You can visit the Teltonika TCR100 4G Router dedicated product and support site at