WLAPN Router Configuration Support

Thanks for visiting our dedicated support site for our 3G and 4G routers when using them with a Fixed IP SIM Card from Wireless Logic.

We include easy to follow videos for the most common 3G and 4G routers to help guide you with the basic configuration for entering your Fixed IP SIM Card APN settings to establish a connection to the Fixed IP SIM network and then provide guidance on things like changing passwords, WiFi settings, ping Reboot and port forwarding.  Usually enough information to get you up and running.

Teltonika Routers with Fixed IP SIM Card

RUT230 3G Router / RUT240 4G Router

RUT950 4G Router / RUT955 4G Router

RUT951 4G Router /  RUT956 4G Router

Teltonika TCR100 4G Router

Proroute Routers with Fixed IP SIM Card

H685 WRT / H820 WRT 3G and 4G Routers

GEM420 4G Router

GEM420 4G Router with emphasis on using it for 4G CCTV remote access.

H750 Dual SIM 3G / 4G Router

RAPID NR550 Dual SIM, Industrial 5G Router

Cradlepoint Routers with Fixed IP SIM Cards

IBR600 LP3

5G Router With Fixed IP for Office

If you are considering using a 5G Router for your office Internet connection to take advantage of high speed 5G mobile broadband Internet or even high speed 4G using the high speed 5G modem then there are many good 5G routers.  The Proroute RAPID NR550 is a great value, high speed Industrial 5G router that can be used as a high speed office 5G router to provide reliable and secure high speed office 5G Internet.  Many standard 5G SIM plans will give you high speed Internet, but will not provide you with a public IP addresss so if you need remote access to your office and in some cases want to use your office 5G router for VoIP calls then you may require a Fixed IP SIM card that gives your 5G connection a static, public IP address.  Most standard Fixed IP SIM plans may support 5G connections but it is worth checking with your supplier.  However most standard Fixed IP SIM plans are expensive with plans costing around £50 per month for just 40GB of data per month.  There are a few unlimited fixed IP SIM card plans available, but at the time of writing this (June 2022), there is only one plan that supports 5G connectivity.  This is the Vodafone Unlimited Data 5G Fixed IP SIM Card plan and whilst is is called unlimited it actually has a fair use policy of just 500GB of data per month.  This still represents good value for 500GB of data per month with a fixed, public IP address.  The cost of this 5G data plan with public IP is around £95 per month and is available from Millbeck.

An alternative to using a 5G router for your office, espcially when you need a public IP address is to use an SD-WAN solution that lets you combine several Internet connections together and provide a bonded Internet service. 

For example, the SD WAN PRO service provides an SD-WAN device that lets you connect your standard wired broadband service and add extra 4G or 5G routers to the SDWAN box and the SD WAN PRO service will bond all these connections together and present them to the Internet with a single, public IP address.  The SDWANPRO box connects to the WAN port of your office router or firewall and provides a bonded Internet service using wired and wireless services. As well as enabling a bonded 4G router or bonded 5G router solution the SD WAN PRO service provides built-in resilience because if your 5G network goes offline the SDWAN device will continue to use the other connected services without interruption.   This means the SD WAN PRO bonded Internet service has built-in 4G failover and 5G failover.

You can also use unlimited data SIM cards in your connected 4G and 5G routers because you do not need a Fixed IP SIM because the SDWANPRO service provides the IP address.

So – for many small and medium sized offices that want to boost their Internet speed using a 4G or 5G router, and to provide built-in 4G or 5G backup then the SD-WAN service from Speedroute is the ideal choice.

Roaming SIM Cards

M2M Data SIM Cards are ideal for a wide range of applications and roaming SIM cards provide the ability to utilise all the UK mobile phone networks and on European or worldwide roaming SIM plans then your device can connect anywhere in the world on a partner network.