WLAPN Router Configuration Support

Thanks for visiting our dedicated support site for our 3G and 4G routers when using them with a Fixed IP SIM Card from Wireless Logic.

We include easy to follow videos for the most common 3G and 4G routers to help guide you with the basic configuration for entering your Fixed IP SIM Card APN settings to establish a connection to the Fixed IP SIM network and then provide guidance on things like changing passwords, WiFi settings, ping Reboot and port forwarding.  Usually enough information to get you up and running.

Teltonika Routers with Fixed IP SIM Card

RUT230 3G Router / RUT240 4G Router

RUT950 4G Router / RUT955 4G Router

Proroute Routers with Fixed IP SIM Card

H685 WRT / H820 WRT 3G and 4G Routers

GEM420 4G Router

GEM420 4G Router with emphasis on using it for 4G CCTV remote access.

H750 Dual SIM 3G / 4G Router

Cradlepoint Routers with Fixed IP SIM Cards

IBR600 LP3